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Background info leading up to sale proposal

A very brief history, gathered from public sources.

Where do your sewer use fees go?

Here's where you can track the financial finagling and the loss of our "healthy reserves" in WPCA.

Definition and explanation of enterprise funds

The sewer plant (and the railroad station and EMS) funds are supposed to be protected by the designation of being "Enterprise Funds". These funds, coming entirely from USER FEES, NOT TAXES, are to be kept separate from the Town's general budget. That appears to have not been happening for a very long time.

The final results of "NO Sale" vote and all town races

Take a look at what your efforts resulted in last year. There's still work to be done, but you made a tremendous start.


Raymark Waste

Documents available for DOWNLOAD

EPA Meeting Schedule for Final Proposal, July 2016

This EPA document lists the schedule for public meetings starting July 20, 2016.

Exit 33 Proposed Plan

Overlays of the proposed Exit 33. What's not mentioned: potential hazards from releasing VOCs, moving contaiminated soil, increasing traffic congestion, and why do we need this anyway?

Raymark CT DEEP Fact Sheet, Conceptual Approach

EPA's proposal for utilizing combination of consolidation and capping (keep waste in town) and export of "most hazardous."

EPA Bulletin Number 33

Q & A on ground water VOCs

EPA Update 2012

Ground water contamination, with map.

Raymark Update from SOS

SaveStratford.Org synopsis of the remediation fight history.

Transit Oriented Development

Documents available for DOWNLOAD

Stratford Pilot Program, Final Draft, 12/18/2015

Greater Bridgeport Regional Council plan to make money off of Stratford with little benefit to us. There are over 170 pages of pictures and little hope for the town. (Please note: this is a LARGE file; be patient on the download.)

TOD Overlay of Zoning Map, 1/13/2015

Visual map of TOD target zone.

Stratford, Final, January 2014

This is the 10 year plan, developed with community and expert input, about development and land use. It has been ignored by the mayor's office.

Cecil Group Report, 6/21/2010

This consultant was paid by Stratford to come up with a plan for "Transit CENTERED Development." However, they appear to have ignored the core values of TOD (pedestrians, bikes, and accessibility) in favor of erecting new buildings.

Zoning Regulations, 6/1/2015

How Stratford defines TOD. Although pedestrians and bikes are mentioned, the actions taken by town leaders do not appear to adhere to their own rules.